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Collaborative software for companies of all industries and sizes. Manage findings, incidents, inspection, tours and get analytics.
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Go from heavy days
smart working day

We are a digital application for mobile phones and the web, which will help you manage risks in your workplace and obtain operational controls for compliance with EHS protocols, maintenance, quality, and processes.

Encourages participation, consultation and teamwork to achieve operational excellence.

Why should you invest in software,
risk management in your company?

Manage risks

Through the culture of prevention, you will be able to improve the profitability of your company and achieve operational excellence, avoiding emergent stoppages and accidents. Take all your processes to review routines and follow up on how many reports are made, all working as a team.

Greater transparency and visibility

By investing in Prysmex technology, you will gain complete visibility into the latent risks of the operation, transparency in regulatory breaches, better cost projections and smarter and better informed decisions.

Generates stability

You will have a reduction in staff turnover, thanks to the fact that the work environment will be a safe place, without stress and without risks. Your staff will be protected and trained to identify and report any dangerous situation.

Optimize resources

You will reduce the man hours invested in routine tasks and rework, through effective communication, process traceability and task automation provided by Prysmex.

Manage risks and bring operational continuity into everyone's hands

With Prysmex, provide visibility to the leaders of your company, empower your work team, give voice to communicate your findings and the necessary tools to solve and create workflows.

Digitize and connect your company with Prysmex

Workers will be able to record and document findings, accidents or near misses, through reports, inspections, tours and with a 3D map that offers you greater visibility and location on site.

Find out why users from different industries choose Prysmex

"Prysmex nos ha permitido tener toda la información de manera accesible y digital, nos permite graficar, llevar controles y registros de una manera mucho más sencilla y efectiva.
Es también una manera de mantener comunicación activa con los dueños de los procesos gestionados."


"Prysmex makes day-to-day operations more practical; we can identify risks, and see them as an improvement."


"Prysmex has made work tasks and operations very practical, as well as identifying risk opportunity areas in day-to-day activities."


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