Increase overall safety standards in your construction zone

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Provide the necessary digital tools to the team at the construction site to create inspections without losing focus on the most important thing, their safety and integrity.

Raise safety standards

Improved: Conduct regular inspections throughout your construction site to identify potential risks and hazards, and create a proactive prevention environment.
With Prysmex, you can easily schedule and perform digital inspections using mobile devices, allowing for quick identification of issues and streamlined reporting.

Comply with guidelines for standards and permits

Use Prysmex to create audits, schedule recurring tasks, and notify workers and responsible parties of the necessary actions to comply with standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 14006.
With Prysmex, you can streamline your compliance efforts and create a culture of constant improvement to ensure the sustainability and environmental responsibility of your organization.

Trigger instant alerts when the integrity of your workers is at risk

With Prysmex, you can quickly notify all responsible parties and resolve unsafe situations through the SOS button on the platform.
This feature allows for swift action and communication, ensuring the safety of all workers and visitors on the premises.

Report and resolve findings through Prysmex
with digital inspections and tours.

Identify patterns through custom analytics

With real-time analytics and customized dashboards, take preventive actions to ensure the integrity of your workers and unionized workers, and identify maintenance standards for construction machinery on site. Ensure the profitability of the project by efficiently allocating resources and ensuring the achievement of KPIs.

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