Meet safety standardization in your units and delivery times for your customers

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Conduct effective and fast inspections through Prysmex, ensure that the load is approved for departure.

Promote a culture of safety and prevention with operators

Ensure that your units, distribution centers, and operational staff are complying with safety standards inside and outside your facilities through inspections, findings, and campaigns.

Comply with the regulations of your units and your workplace

Ensure your internal processes for the compliance of your safety measures and certification and standard control such as ISO 39001, ISO 28000, among others; through inspections, tours and non-conformance management.

Efficiently schedule your activities

Schedule all your recurring tasks on site and in your units, and perform your operations more smoothly and digitally. Share instructions for each task with the team without spending time through personalized notifications.

Inspect your cargo units with Prysmex before releasing your transports and check all important points to avoid stopping your workflow.

Identify patterns through custom analytics

With real-time analytics and customized dashboards, take preventive actions to ensure timely deliveries, detect failures in operation, analyze risks in the routes of your units. Ensure the profitability of the business by efficiently allocating resources and ensuring the achievement of KPIs.

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