Standardize verification processes, always caring for customer satisfaction

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Watch for something going wrong and take necessary measures before the customer's experience is affected

Maintain or raise your quality standards

Conduct inspections throughout your workplace covering the most important aspects of your business, which will be the window of opportunity to always be the preferred choice of your customers.

Comply with cleaning and service guidelines in your space

Create audits, schedule recurring tasks and notify your staff of tasks to be completed for the compliance of certifications such as the Distintivo H, all with the help of Prysmex; raise the quality of your service.

Trigger instant alerts when the integrity of your customers is at risk

Notify a risk situation through the SOS button on the platform and inform all of your staff through Prysmex, and resolve unsafe situations and protect the integrity of your customers and staff.

Streamline the management of your service location with Prysmex, forget about paperwork and tedious administrative processes.

Get a history of reports

With real-time custom analytics and dashboards, take preventive actions to ensure the experience of your customers and visitors, and identify maintenance, quality, and cleanliness standards. Ensure the profitability of your business by efficiently allocating resources and taking care of KPI compliance.

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