Identify and report risks or improvements at your workplace

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Reporting findings, incidents, improvements, and tasks on site will be easier with Prysmex, as well as tracking and creating action plans to ensure their resolution.

Digitize reports

Create custom reports from your mobile device, report findings and incidents in real-time at your workplace. Attach comments, photos, and communicate with those involved for prompt resolution

Create action plans for each of your reports

With a corrective and/or preventive plan, track findings by assigning responsible parties. You and your team can monitor the progress of resolving created reports until verifying that they have been resolved. Use the chat in each report for effective communication and to share evidence of progress

Get a history of created reports

Identify sites, zones, workers, and companies with the highest tendency to be reported, and analyze through analytics the prevention of risks.

Schedule your reports

Periodically and scheduled request the creation of specific tasks to maintain safety and have an excellent workplace for your staff and customers.

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